There it is, here we are, let’s go with the love and devotion for god, Christ, and the holy spirit. And so we go.

Just kidding, we meant the father, the son and the holy ghost. What about the mother though? Mary was a sought after maiden who many had lust for, but she ended up being with god. Who’d believe it?

Here at Couples for Christ Canada, we aim at instilling the very important core values of Christianity in each and every man, woman, lad, broad, boy, girl, baby boy, baby girl and the rest of them out there. Couples for Christ take it ourselves to make every christian family better, even regular families. We do so by creating a very strong connection and deep rapport with the families. For more information please visit the global site (a link can be found at the of this page).

How we do what we do, in a nutshell

We then try to understand what their world of views revolve around. If it is bad, we smite them down with a lightning bold from god, which just received an SMS message from us letting him know that this one’s not a keeper. Kidding again, we just do it by trying to explain it to them that some thing are wrong about their views and opinions, all of that without being judgmental at all. We do this with joy and grace, letting them know and understand that Christ loves everyone, but he loves good Christian families more. He favors them, that’s just how it is. And guess who Christ’s best friend is. Yes you guess it. The might by G O D. God, our eternal light, our internal voice.

Our yearly tour

For those couples who finish strong with us in the CLP (Christian Life Program), we grant a modest gift in the form of accompanying us in our annual tour to the holy land. In that tour we do sightseeing, we go to all of the major monuments and site that are important to the Christian religion, especially in Jerusalem. We are moving very rapidly through all of the cities of the holy land. All of this takes about 2 weeks, which end in the most important city to all of the major 3 big religions, that is Jerusalem. There we are holding our celebration of the finishing couples in a big conference just outside of the walls in the old city. For arrangements and transportation details and info, you can check out the company that works with us in this link. Any remarks and comments from those who have already visited the city once or twice before will be happily accepted.

We start with the dad. Do you love god? Do you love Christ?

You are Canadian, that’s a given, and that’s why we are talking to you. We here in Couples for Christ Canada go mainly to Ontario to try and influence families. In special cases we travel all the way to Vancouver and look for some good families to connect to. If that dad is a good Christian, we then give him a hug. A huge hug. A hug from god, a hug from Jesus. But not a hug from mother Mary, hold it right there. The mother is already taken, and you are married! What is going on with you?

The cross is something we look at in every home in Canada. The bigger the cross and lesser its instances, we know it is being done by the family just for shows. And that family in fact is not really Christian. More like Unchristian if you know what we mean. Yes, we meant exactly that and we just said it out loud. We let them know that we think they are bluffing. If right then and there they start reciting Psalms, we run out the door, because we just got server Christian style. Jesus loves us however, because we are Christians representing Jesus, god and Couples for Christ.

If you wish to receive unbiased information regarding our organization you can refer to our Wikipedia and our global site: